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TearoomsTearooms we want to list in this category are not bars serving the tea, but rather places dedicated to the tea tasting. These tearooms are magical places. These places are called depending on the country in which they are to be salt in the Tea Room at the home of the. These tearooms are present all over the world from China to the East and now in Italy. These are places that are becoming increasingly popular. In these rooms you can also consume fruit and vegetable extracts. All this does is to complete so the natural atmosphere that pervades these places.

Rooms are completely dedicated to the tea culture. Offering a wide range of teas from all over the world with very special and sought mixtures.

Some tearooms in Italy have joined a franchise system due to the fact that they have little understanding of the and of this sector. While the real tea rooms have been created by people who possess a true culture and research of mixtures. Many from around the world.

The tearooms are places of relaxation, socializing and meeting place for to savor flavors and fragrances from around the world.

Besides all that many tearooms are able to offer their customers a huge range of herbal teas and infusions. All this according to customer demand the same and the style of the room.

The continuous search for great products, such as herbal teas and herbal teas or mixtures of tea, make that a tea room is different from another tea room. This factor has certainly meant that some of them have become famous and are marked over the years. Many of these have become a reference point for those who are of the lovers.

The tea room as we understand it is a very nice environment very refined and relaxing place

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