TYPICAL PRODUCTS BASILICATAList of typical products Basilicata. A category that includes the typical products of Basilicata, manufacturers Basilicata local products. It includes also the distributors of typical products from Lucania and the typical dishes of Basilicata.

As you may have noticed we're calling the Basilicata also Lucania. Lucania because this is the old name given to this region by the Greeks.

The typical products Basilicata are simple products and are part of the Italian Mediterranean tradition. Being a predominantly mountainous region of the main productions are turning dairy activity.

Typical products popular Basilicata are pasta, bread, oil, vegetables, cheeses as well as cured meats, and meat. Among these the most common are the lamb and kid.

In more detail we will find among the dairy products Lucani pecorino of Filiano PDO, PGI and canestra pecorino cheese Dop breech. Ingredients that are used in abundance in the creation of typical dishes of Basilicata.

The abundant production of excellent extra virgin olive oil appears to be a pride for this region. A Lucan oil produced with olives from Ferrandina Majatica Grande.

The typical products Basilicata represent the expression of the culture and history of this region.

Between the Basilicata fruit and vegetable production we are to remember the beans Sarconi, the peppers of Senise, bean Poverello of Rotonda and the red eggplant of Rotonda.

The bread in the typical cuisine of the region is a fundamental food, famous to Matera, a bread crumb very porous and very. The pastes are prepared by hand in the preparation of the first Basilicata typical dishes with whole wheat flour. Among these the most famous are the cavatelli (similar to dumplings), fusilli (crafted with a thin and long irons), lagane (similar to tagliatelle), orecchiette and classic dragged.

Another typical product of Basilicata are sausages, here luganeghe or lucaniche calls, they take their name from their production area: Lucania. Other local sausages are the brawn, the pezzenta, the belly and the "Vecchiareddra" Rotonda.

Among the wines we can find the Basilicata Aglianico del Vulture, the Matera and Grottino.

These are mainly the typical products of the Basilica that are engaged in the creation of many typical dishes Basilicata.

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