TYPICAL PRODUCTS UMBRIAList of typical products Umbria. A section dedicated to our typical products Umbria, its producers of local products and to those who are concerned with the distribution. Also we will give a nod to the Umbrian cuisine giving you some hints on cooking service. You can also find those that sell typical products Umbria online.

Umbria is a region that has a great tradition in the field of sheep farming and cheese production. Over the years he has created high quality cheeses. This is because this region boasts of being one of the least contaminated in Italy.

A region where its most famous local products are truffles, olive oil, wine and cheese in addition to meats.

Starting from the Umbrian hams we can find the famous prosciutto di Norcia IGP, the sausages, the cups and the wild boar salami. These meats are often imitated and counterfeited in the world. To find the real ones the best thing is to go to the site and understand the true differences.

Among the cheeses from Umbria we suggest the cheese flower, stuffed cheese and Umbrian pecorino beyond those truffle. Speaking of truffles Umbria is very rich land of this precious tuber. The black truffle it very often you will find dishes in the various restaurants of the Umbria region.

As we have previously mentioned the Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is one of the most renowned in Italy. A rich aroma and fragrance oil.

The cuisine of this region is mainly based on seasonal typical products Umbria.

The main characteristic of the Umbrian cuisine is simplicity. A cuisine based on seasonal products such as mushrooms, truffles, lentils and wild asparagus. Many are legumes used in this kitchen used to enrich game dishes or meat on the spit.

As anticipated the black truffle in this kitchen you will find it very often present in many dishes to have famous croutons.

Among the first typical Umbrian dishes we announce the pici, pappardelle with hare or wild boar, spaghetti norcina and the gnocchi with mutton.

Among the main Umbrian dishes we propose the chicken cacciatore, drunken chicken, Friccò, the filet with truffles and truffle omelette.

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA MORETTI is located in Passignano sul Trasimeno, in the province of Perugia. The company specializes in the sale of meat of the highest quality. Moretti’s meat is free of preservatives and antibiotics. In fact it is considered an Italian excellence. L’azienda agricola Moretti covers an area of ​​400 hectares of land. It is […]

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    AZIENDA AGRICOLA LUDOVICI rises in the territory of the municipality of Ficulle with a total extension of 11 hectares. The company Ludovici produces extra virgin olive oil, red wine and since two years saffron. The azienda agricola Ludovici is certified organic. During these 20 years of existence, it has always worked to produce high quality […]

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    PRODOTTI BIOLOGICI BETTINI BIO NORCIA is specialized in the cultivation and production of lentils notes of Castelluccio di Norcia IGP biological. Cereals, legumes and organic products from Umbria. In this pristine environment for centuries, in the heart of the National Park and at the foot of Mount Carrier, one cultivates this little legume. At 1500 […]

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    TARTUFI E FUNGHI FORTUNATI ANTONIO is located in via Chiesa Tonda 2 at Trevi in province of Perugia. Antonio Fortunati, starting in the early ’80s, driven by love for his territory, a place of ancient tradition for the collection of truffles and mushrooms, also tempted by the passion for the precious gifts of the earth, he […]