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TYPICAL RESTAURANTS AVELLINOList of Best typical restaurants Avellino typical to provide the visitor a detailed food and wine guide in Italy.

Irpinia in the Avellino province is famous for proposing a first dishes with homemade pasta of various shapes and sizes.

Typical pastries and the first dell'avellinese tical plates are fusili, cavatelli, noodles, ravioli, orecchiette.

The second most famous dishes you can find in the typical restaurants Avellino are mainly meat: chicken, lamb, rabbit cooked grilled or with sauces of various kinds. In many places, mainly in the areas of the Barony they cook the pigeon and pig offal.

Among the desserts, rustic pizza with ricotta, escarole and granone.

Typical dell'avellinese desserts are the crepes, the strufoli and the calzoncelli, made with chickpea flour ( "Cauzunciell").

While in Lacedonia, are special sweets like ravioli stuffed with chestnut paste and chocolate and baked in the oven, and the padded puffs of sweet cottage cheese or cherry jam.

Avellino can be found in the Christmas period scarpegghie or pizza in deep fat fried leavened and then soaked in honey and sprinkled with sugar.

Also in this province we are produced countless types of cheese including: caciocavallo, scamorza, Caciotta, pecorino cheese, goat cheese, the butter, ricotta salata.

Famous all over the world is the brawn, a salami with an intense aroma.

The province of Avellino is the land of truffles, so do not neglect to taste some typical restaurant in Avellino white truffles of which are produced annually over three tons in the provinces of Avellino, Benevento and Caserta to which must be added another ton in that Salerno.

In the province of Avellino there was also some discovery of the black truffle too findable in the countless restaurants in the province.

Obviously all these fantastic products and dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurants of typical restaurants guide Avellino.

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    AGRITURISMO IL CALISE is located in Contrada Pagliara 21 at Teora in province of Avellino, run by Mario and Immacolata, among the green hills of Irpinia between campaigns colorful and fragrant. Agriturismo Il Calise  is surrounded by nature, in a place where peace and relaxation are ideal companions to restore mind, body and spirit. Mario and Immacolata at Agriturismo […]

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    ALBERGO RISTORANTE SOGNO D’ORO is located in Via Carbonaria 59, in Monteverde in province of Avellino. The hotel was recently renovated and functionally modified, however, it remained a simple but cozy, family and home, who can resist the modernity and luxury of nowadays. Albergo Ristorante Sogno D’oro is built on three floors with a large sunny terrace. In the […]

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    ANTICA HOSTARIA LA CICOGNA is located in Via Vico Francesco De Santis 35, not far from the historic center of Lacedonia in province of Avellino. It is a family restaurant, with motivated staff, plus the ability to Marairosa and experience of Enzo have created a perfect system, and this combination is called just Antica Hostaria […]