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produttori_zibibbo_italy_eat_foodThe Zibibbo producers are mainly in Sicily where this Doc wine is very characteristic. Famous is the Zibibbo of Pantelleria. This wine represents one of the true Sicilian products and is great for accompanying sweets and desserts. We wanted to give space to the Zibibbo producers, as well as we wanted to give so many other Italian wines to help the user find the wine he wants easily in the vast world of internet.


The Zibibbo online sale is something innovative for many Zibibbo manufacturers. These are adopting it with excellent results in recent years reaching such an ever-expanding audience that goes even beyond the ocean. That's why we have included the Zibibbo online sale section and Zibibbo direct sale to help ZIbibbo producers and consumers to find the wanted wine. For us on this site, the Zibibbo online sale is the same thing as the Zibibbo direct sale because we do not apply any percentage of brokerage. In a nutshell this is the classic direct sale when we went to the producers to buy their own wine just now we can do it online. We believe this initiative can help both Zibibbo producers and the consumers.

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    FERRERI VINI, a cellar immersed in the lush vineyards from which quality wines such as Nero d’Avola and Catarratto are obtained. Here the grapes are benefited from microclimate, so the quality of the wines produced is confirmed. The Cantina Ferreri, called Ferreri Vini, was born on the will of the three members. United by the […]