DISCOVER WHO WE ARE:Italy EAT Food was founded with the aim of enhancing the typical Italian products as well as the authentic flavors of the best local producers. Each producer creates the authenticity of raw materials and their processing through respect and love. It translates into a synergy of tradition, experience and innovation, which gives life to unique and inimitable products.

A BIT OF US: When we use the word “Authentic” we are not only referring to the craftsmanship of our products, we also want to emphasize the history that links every producer to its territory, besides the producers of excellence, they will be able to make known the history they bring with them.

THE DREAM: Whether you are big or small producers, known or less known, we want all producers of excellence to be part of the Italyeatfood project. Our commitment is constant in making you visible to the whole world. The best products will finally have the opportunity to be known outside their local reality.


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