How it works: An online market with direct sales where to buy directly from the manufacturer

Italyeatfood connects the best Italian producers of craftsmanship with the final consumer. Note well as there are no intermediaries. In this way we have eliminated any additional costs on the product. Therefore buy directly from the manufacturer, visiting the online shop of each manufacturer and ordering unique products and especially at local prices.


All orders are delivered in 24 / 48h and shipped directly from each individual manufacturer. The protagonists in Italyeatfood, are the small Italian producers. The consumer will be able to discover the history of producer and buy handicraft products through real direct sale with advantageous prices. 


Italyeatfood Business is a large online market that allows buying local and regional products directly from farmers, breeders, processors, winemakers, producers of fruit and vegetables. This market is exclusively dedicated to restaurateurs, wholesalers and horeca and all the steps of traditional distribution are skipped. In fact, it is possible to buy products at advantageous prices.