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AGRITURISMO PRATI PARINI is located in Via Ca’ Chinaglio 8 in Sedrina in province of Bergamo. agritourism activities began before 1979, until then the farm has always been accessible only by foot, in a way that does not change the ‘environment, maintaining the’ ideal of a farmhouse in the service of ‘agricultural activity.


To reach Agriturismo Prati Parini there are several trails, but one of the most striking is the path through the park of the hills of Bergamo where you will have the chance to see one of the best examples of respect and harmony between man and nature.
While those who want to reach the farm only for a good lunch or a snack, the fastest path is one that starts from Sedrina, which in about 30 minutes you can reach the ‘farm.
Recall that having to walk to reach Agriturismo Prati Parini the comfortable clothing and sports is the most suitable to sweat less.

Agriturismo Prati Parini is located in the mountainous area of Sedrina but the walk is not frightening, it’s definitely a good way to increase the ‘appetite and prepare to enjoy our menu, a full meal, from appetizers to desserts, realized to offer the best of our production: meats, cold cuts, cheeses and dairy products all ready to craft tupirvi for their purity and goodness.

Agriturismo Prati Parini offers an angle of time to escape from the city and bustle, you can choose to spend a weekend or a few days, in full nature, sharing with us the simple and peaceful country life, godendsi pleasant walks or resting along with a few trees, lulled by a cool breeze even on the hottest days we do not miss.
For those who like to spend the nights under the starry sky c ‘is the possibility of camping in the vast area of grassland surrounding Agriturismo Prati Parini.


Agriturismo_prati_parini_azienda_agricolaAgriturismo Prati Parini lives in parallel to ‘conduct in farm country.
By ‘breeding cattle derive the prized meat and milk of high quality, while with pigs derive the fantastic sausages.
We milk the work largely in cheese: Stracchino, recently became slow food with the name “stracchino all’antica delle valli orobiche”(“stracchino ancient valleys orobiche”); Formagella, fresh cheese with a pleasant taste; l ‘authentic cheese of Prati Parini, a cheese made from the same processing “formai de mut”, seasoned and intensely flavored.
All products made by the company, both alone and cooked, make up the menu of the kitchen of Agriturismo Prati Parini and wholesome food and great quality.
In precise cheeses you can also be purchased at the dairy farm, or meet in one of the many markets we do.

Agriturismo Prati Parini well as being a place of complete relaxation where you can spend a great stay and eat natural food is also a renowned Italian cheese and a breeding cattle and pigs .

Already the 80, Agriturismo Prati Parini keeps the days of teaching :, from the school children’ s childhood to high school classes or colleges.
We show them our work: the cheese (with active laboratory for the boys involved in the production of cheese), the annual cycle of breeding cattle (which involves the collection of manure, the manuring of meadows and hay next).

Thinking also adults, Agriturismo Prati Parini organizes courses cheesemaking very interesting and tasty, in collaboration with the Association “luna nuova” (“New Moon”) that manages the castle Solza that presents many cultural and social events open to all interested parties.
If you are a group of friends, or business groups and want something special we can offer lunches and dinners with too cheerful laboratories cheesemaking.

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