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AGRITURIST RUPESTR is located in Canelli, 18 km from Alba. Here, between Langa and Monferrato, the agriturismo offers a stay with refreshment and hospitality. To know that at the Rupestrian farm the doors are open for our four-legged friends.


The farm was founded in 1994 with the aim of promoting the Langa and Monferrato territory, with the famous big six, that is: fantastic vegetables, cheeses, hazelnuts, meats, wines and truffles. You are hosted in nineteenth-century style rooms. The rooms are single, double and triple with possible extra bed at a discounted price. There is also a restaurant where traditional dishes such as boiled meats, agnolotti al plin, and bagna caoda are served. Here the reception is true and typical of these peasant realities, in the hills around Canelli, in the middle of an evocative landscape.

To know that there is a 60-seat restaurant. The floors are in antique terracotta and from which you can enjoy a beautiful view that sweeps up to the Alps. The grapes in the adjacent land, give the excellent wine Dolcetto and Moscato. The land also gives many products that end in excellent preserves. The wood-burning fireplace warms up even in the coldest seasons.

The stay is enlivened by a riding school, where you can take advantage of agreements. We can also relax in the golf course and an association of environmental cycle guides. Use of the swimming pool is included in a minimum stay of 2 days.


The city of Canelli is famous for its classic wines and sparkling wines, such as Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante. Asti is not far from Canelli, as well as Alba, Roero but also Liguria. Piedmont is very close. While Milan, it is 150 km. The villages of Cortemilia and Aqui are also worth visiting, both are 25 km away. Langa and Monferrato are areas full of history and traditions. These are very fertile lands with a temperate microclimate.

This is due to the limited distance from the coast and the hills that shelter from cold currents. This is a territory not yet beaten by mass tourism. By going to this area, you will be immersed in vineyards, orchards and woods. In addition, when the season allows, you can enjoy delicious truffles and mushrooms as well as excellent acacia honey and walnuts. The rivers are rich in trout, carp, chub, bleak from which you get an excellent fry.

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