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AZIENDA AGRICOLA BIOLOGICA TENUTA ZARNIC rises Flambruzzo of Rivington in the province of Udine, in the heart of the resurgence of Stella, in one of the most unique and of considerable environmental and historical region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

AZIENDA AGRICOLA BIOLOGICA TENUTA ZARNIC italy EAT foodThe focus of company is located inside the forest Roman Zarnicco called THE ZARNIC, who was the first Roman settlement in the area and the site of considerable natural value to the exclusivity of the environmental features, for the rarity and the high value of flora and fauna rich in endemic species.

The estate falls within the Site of Community Importance IT3320026 Risorgive Stella, protected park that occupies 683 hectares and includes within it the resurgence of regional habitat Zarnicco, a natural area protected part of the Natura 2000 network eurepea SIC formed for the protection and conservation of habitats and animal and plant species

These features are preserved and protected in our corporate projects of environmental appreciation and protection of biodiveristà. The funds planted with saffron and berries organically, are therefore in a unique location, surrounded by phenomena of resurgence of groundwater sources that give rise to large and medium-size circular shape and jars, derived from ancient quarries to extract clay from Roman times; excavations in extreme proximity have unearthed ancient Roman furnaces. All around are forests, natural grasslands and trobiere, wet meadows and permanent meadows.

Tenuta_biologica_zarnic_bannerOrganic Farm Tenuta Zarnic choose to cultivate the funds in full respect of nature by following the natural cycle of the seasons to guarantee a maturation without force to ensure the products should be healthy and qualiy.We grow in a completely natual to the exacting discipline of organic farming without the use of pesticides, herbicides. A production decision challenging, because we use different systems of production and respect stricter rules.

In organic farming using only natural substances approved and listed in the rules of production, fertilizers are natural and check soil fertility as well as the environment and animals, they are used traditional practices such as crop rotations to keep the richness of the soil , the use of beneficial insects such as ladybugs to drive away aphids from fruits, manual cleaning of the inter weeds and many good common sense practices.

Therefore we call upon our organic farming !! We are proud to be certified organic operators from our region FVG and ICEA.

We chose this method to provide the opportunity for customers to make a conscious choice by purchasing our products are healthy and safe, certified organic and suitable for children.

From a unique and pristine in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, born saffron Friulian ŽARNIĆ, outstanding product certified organic, the first saffron cultivated and produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the sole obtained from bulbs born in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the only that it got the quality certification of certified organic.
On our farm we grow the berries in full respect of nature by following the natural cycle of the seasons to guarantee a maturation without force to ensure healthy products and quality.We cultivate the berries according to the method of organic farming, without the use of pesticides and pesticide, therefore the products can be then consumed with confidence by children and also used for weaning.
The jams produced by our company are extra and nectars contain a high percentage of fruit, only fruit of our production, are certified Organic and 100% natural.
We prepare, always with the principles mentioned above, excellent extra jam with a high percentage of fruit, as much as 69%, only fruit we produce, organic brown sugar and natural pectin, the sublime extra jam 120% fruit without pectin also shown for accompaganmento of cheeses and meats, and the very special nectar blackberries obtained only with our blackberries and without additional juices.
Our products are Certified Organic and 100% natural, contain no preservatives, coloring or added sugar, are suitable for children for a healthy breakfast and snack, sportsmen and those who love to stay fit

Production is limited because we prefer quality to quantity to provide a product rich in fruit-and not of sugar- healthy and delicious

Our farm has extensive experience in the production of saffron, a sector in which we operate for several years with professionalism and dedication so as to count the eco-certified organic.

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