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AZIENDA AGRICOLA CAMPI ALTI produces flours with exclusive grains of the Zone of Excellence. Wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flours are stone-ground as well as entirely produced in Italy and 100% organic. Every single product is provided with visual traceability.


Campi Alti is an agricultural company where we find a fundamental concept with which it operates, or short supply chain with visual traceability. A certified organic company for 9 years. It works exclusive grains of the Zone of Excellence with which it obtains whole wheat or semi-wholemeal flour. To underline the natural stone milling that takes place in the Italian organic mill operating only with renewable energy.

The exclusive grains used to make organic flours come from the Zone of Excellence located in Emilia Romagna, which is controlled by an Advisory Board. Here we find doctors, nutritionists, agronomists. The goal is to create a Community of Food Value for the dissemination of Organic Culture in Italy.

Flour is the base and fundamental element for the Mediterranean diet and essential for Italian cuisine. It is the first and main food for all of us. And that’s why from here, from the flour, the journey in the High Fields starts. The company philosophy, which is also our approach in everyday life, is based on knowledge, culture and sharing.

The Zone of Excellence

Campi Alti flour is obtained from selected grains from the “Zone of Excellence”. This territory is developed in the hills, where the rigor as well as careful quality path, and a protocol studied together with experts in the agri-food sector, allows homogeneity and guarantee of a product with high quality of the organic. The Zone of Excellence protects the Italian product. In fact, its value is to always consider the health of the consumer in the first place.

The hill location is an important added value because it leads to sources of environmental pollution. The higher altitude allows in fact to not have contamination by fine particles as well as a careful evaluation also falls on the aquifers.

The soil on which the wheat grows, has been carefully chosen based on its characteristics and is fertilized in an entirely natural way. The processing method of the product is followed and certified organic and eco-sustainable in every step.

Stone grinding

Stone grinding is the oldest grain milling system. It is obtained by passing the grain of wheat through two horizontal stones that, rotating one on the other with opposite movements, break the kernel and, in fact, the grind.

The adjustable distance between the stones of the mill, also allows you to choose the fineness of the flour. However, not all stone millstones are the same and not all stones are “natural”. There are in fact some mills whose millstones are only covered with stone, others that maintain the “mechanics” of the milling but not the originality of the stone.

The process is slow, another fundamental point in favor of the use of stone, and this allows the grains to not overheat, thus leaving intact all the nutrients contained. Furthermore, in this type of process, the essential oils, wheat germ and the starchy part are allowed to amalgamate in an optimal manner. The stone-ground organic flours are therefore a complete and balanced healthy food.

Wholemeal flour


Semi-wholemeal or type 2 flour contains almost all parts of the grain of wheat: the endosperm, the germ and most of the bran. This type of flour therefore maintains good nutritional characteristics and its processing is simpler than the totally integral one.


The wholemeal flour is produced instead maintaining all the portions of the grain of wheat and is therefore the most complete from the nutritional point of view. It is the “most natural” flour, the one that was used in ancient times and, if ground to stone, is the best ever for nutritional intake, assimilability and taste.


Soon also for spelled, all the quality and eco-sustainability of the Zone of Excellence guaranteed for the production and processing of this ancient cereal – the first to be cultivated – and rich in protein.


Campi Alti will soon be ready to dedicate part of the production also to the oats; a cereal with strong nutritional properties contained mainly in the seed. We are proud of our product, since it is born and is processed exclusively in Italy, certified 100% organic. Campi Alti flours are wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flour, ground stone, completely produced in Italy and 100% organic.


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