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CONSORZIO HISTORIA ANTIQUA is located in province of Avellino, at Manocalzati, in Via Variante Est Super Strada 7/bis 75. Thirty years ago, Michael Cornacchia and Margherita De Iorio start their production of fine wine varieties in the heart of Irpinia, in Campania, selecting vineyards located in the most prestigious sites and the exceptional quality of soil and climate for a current extension of about 30 hectares, plantations of Greek wine DOCG, Fiano DOCG, Aglianico from which to draw renowned wines.


All the vineyards of Manocalzati Consorzio Historia Antiqua are lovingly cared for by 25 workers who alternate the nursery activity to that in the vineyards. The vast experience gained over decades of activity pours into great attention to the grape and wine year, from the plant to the bottling. To optimize the synergies between the companies of the family Crow, in 2006 the Consorzio Historia Antiqua which incorporates the nursery activity, the activities of investment, sales and marketing strategies, the business of producing wines of high quality, refined grappa, of extra virgin olive oil in limited quantities and a sparkling Brut (HAQ) from Aglianico grapes.

Consorzio_historia_antiqua_Logo_Masseria_Vertecchia AGLIANICO: From the age-old aglianico grape variety, it has a round and smooth flavour. It goes nobly with red meat, aged cheeses, spicy dishes. It is best served at 16°C.

Consorzio_historia_antiqua_Logo_Historia_Vinum SANNIO AGLIANICO: From deep ruby color, the smell reminds blackberries and black currants. Dense taste with well-balanced tannins, has a bottom persistent aromatic tobacco and spices. Serve at 18 ° C.

Consorzio_historia_antiqua_Logo_HAQ HAQ Brut sparkling wine from Aglianico grapes: Vinified of our best grapes Aglianico. HAQ is a sparkling wine for every occasion, fresh and lively, it is a perfect aperitif or a fine companion for seafood. It concludes excellently any room in combination with cakes and pastries.

Historical producers characteristic wines from Campania . Wines with a thousand flavors and an oil smell and intense flavor .


A green in thick streaks of silver, in the heart of the land where rows of vines run triumph. Here, the great olive grove home to the most important species: The Ogliarola and Ravece. Hence an oil that has few comparisons to the commitment and the love that the full cycle of processing oil production: from harvesting by hand in small boxes to cold pressing, during the same day, in absolute purity. A virgin indicating another point of pride for us. And that is produced in quantities very modest. Because the only way you can ensure the quality, integrity and excellence of extra virgin olive oil.


For the origins and its consolidated tradition, brandy belongs to the culture and consumption of Northern Italy. The delicate distillation process has been delegated to those who have made the culture of grappa a sign of one’s life. In short, another ancient family, whose pride entrust our skins to produce grappa. And ‘the case of Nannoni, which in Civitella Paganico, in the middle of the Tuscan Maremma, distills in the wake of criteria and skilled crafts. At that point, translated into numbers, our grappa does not go beyond the three thousand bottles. A small treasure that reserve with pleasure to those who appreciate our wines.

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