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LE AFFINITA’ GUSTATIVE is located in Via Rossini in Mondavio, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, in one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Le Affinita’ Gustative is a small maturing plant and refinement of pecorino cheese offering products with the flavors and fragrances truly unique in its kind.

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One of the most renowned Italian manufacturers of cheese that has a laboratory consists of a cellar and an ancient underground cave tuff that selected cheeses are aged in limited production, using leaves, hay and organically grown flowers.

Le Affinita’ Gustative is able to produce traditional cheeses covered by the Marche Region with special exemptions as products taking up and developing the ancient wisdom rooted in the territory.

The cheeses kept in ancient caves, the myriad flavors of refinement…
find out and propose to your customers our unique and artisan cheeses.

With these products since you can impress your clients by offering them unique cheeses characterized by taste and character of the fruit flavor combinations and odors that form in large oak barrels and earthenware jars. Once the phase of aging, Le Affinita’ Gustative also deals with the packaging of the cheese in order to respect the individual nature of each Style, thanks to a customized package.




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    A raw milk pecorino cheese aged in walnut leaves following the ancient traditions of the province of Pesaro Urbino. It is aged in large earthenware jars, covering cheese with layers of organic walnut leaves. This cheese is characterized by a strong flavor and a distinctive hint of walnut.
    A raw milk pecorino cheese that is aged in wooden boxes alternating forms in layers of straw and local aromatic herbs. The combination of straw and herbs gives the cheese a delicate but decided at the same time.
    A pecorino aged in barrels made from raw milk with wine Rosso Piceno flavored with laurel. These cheeses are laid in oak and wet every day with wine and bay leaf to give an understanding reddish color.
    A pecorino aged in barrels made from raw milk with wheat bran, in oak barrels, following an ancient method for storage of cheese with which it holds the softness of the cheese despite its maturation.

    A raw milk cheese in cask aged in grape leaves in large earthenware jars and oak barrels. These cheeses are wrapped by vine leaves and left to mature until the leaves on the release forms the smell of must and ripe grapes.
    A raw milk cheese in cask, aged in hay and acacia flowers in earthenware jars and oak barrels. These sheep cheeses are laid on each other while the freshly cut hay and acacia flowers, rich of their perfumes, releasing multiple aromas.
    A classic cheese, raw milk, ripened in caves on wooden boards on which the still fresh cheeses are left to rest for a few months. Thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the cave, at a constant temperature and humidity, it is possible to achieve optimum curing of a cheese that matures over time.
    A Style Barrel, raw milk, aged in lard and pepper which is laid on wooden boxes where it is left to mature slowly as lard and pepper, which cover their crust to allow the cheese to remain an intense white . This cheese is characterized by a dark color if wrapped in black pepper while from colorful colors if covered with mixed varieties.


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