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NOCCIOLA’ is a company that produces for over fifty years a semi-finished hazelnut that meets all the requirements in terms of quality. In fact, the product has all the most important quality and process certifications.


The company was born as a producer and distributor of hazelnuts to companies in the sector such as hazelnut shells and semi-finished producers. Subsequently the Nocciolá® brand was born, as it is intended to present a semi-finished product able to satisfy all the needs, in terms of product quality, for the reference industries.

Nocciolà is a product of the highest quality, as proven by the Certifications in its possession. Among the most important we include: Brc: British Retail Consortium, Ifs: International Food Standard, ISO 9001, Qrcodecampania, Bio, Kosher: Exports in the World, Halal: Compliance with Islamic norms.

To know that the production process Nocciolà begins with the harvest. It is done directly in the places of origin, as we want to guarantee the quality necessary to meet market needs. Later, through the use of modern technological systems to support a laboratory and the precious collaboration of highly qualify ed human resources, the company applies a self-control system for food safety according to current European standards. The fi nished product is then analyzed by the Internal Laboratory and is accompanied by a certi fi cate which declares and guarantees its suitability for distribution to the industry and to final consumers.

Processing steps


The shelling plant provides for the calibration of the product in shell, the shelling of the same according to the caliber, the cleaning, first mechanical and then pneumatic shelled hazelnuts and their subsequent recalibration, to have the raw hazelnuts divided by size and quality. The preservation of the shelled product comes in a cold room.


The hazelnuts are crude sorted out of the cold room and sent to the hot air roasting for about 30 minutes, which provides a browning and an unmistakable flavor to the hazelnuts, enhancing the intrinsic qualities of the hazelnuts. After toasting, we select the hazelnuts again according to peeling and their final use.


Toasted whole hazelnuts, grains and flour are vacuum packed to avoid oxidizing the product and preserving its qualities intact. The various formats and the different sizes are functional to the various consumption needs.

The pasta

The process of transformation from toasted hazelnut to paste is called “refining process”, and starts from the passage of whole toasted hazelnuts through a pre-refining mill, then through roller refiners in sequence 2/5 cylinders, to finish in a basin, in where the paste is reduced to a particle size of 16/18 μm., this system thanks to the presence of a cooling system is the least stressful towards the hazelnut.

Nutritional information

Hazelnuts, like all dried fruit, are a highly energetic food and very rich in fats. Its particularity is that of being rich in monounsaturated fats. In fact, they are a source of good quality fatty substances for health. The percentage composition in fatty acids shows a high content in unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic acid is the highest with values ​​between 71 and 83% of total fatty acids.

The hazelnuts contain, a good amount of vitamin E and polyphenols, which have a great antioxidant power and are able to lower LDL cholesterol levels, the so-called “bad cholesterol”, and triglycerides.


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