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PANIFICIO BERETTA where to buy the famous Como cloud. The bread of Tina Beretta has a strong reputation and several points of sale including that of Como in via Rusconi. The production of the Beretta Bakery ranges between savory and sweet products, all of great quality.


The Beretta bakery was founded in 1950 by dad Claudio and mother Lina when they arrived from Brianza with a basket full of tenacity and good will. Thus began their activity, with the help of their two sons, Giuseppe and Tina, to whom they conveyed the meaning of work and honesty.

Today the bread of Tina Beretta has a strong reputation and several points of sale including that of Como in via Rusconi.

With the passing of the years, thanks to the tenacity and the passion of the parents, the two children took as their basic ingredients the advice, sacrifices and experiences of their parents, continuing with their activity, increasing it more and more. Today Tina with the Bakery Beretta together with her husband Antonio and their children Daniele, Alessio and Ramona continue the activity begun many years before by Carlo and Lina, using the same love and the same passion.

Tina’s recipe is to wisely mix modernity in the search for ever new products and aimed at satisfying the most diverse tastes such as love for tradition, in creating genuine and artisanal products. Moreover every day in the bakery customers are assisted on the products that are made for them.


    Beretta Bakery, thanks to the experience of bakers and the quality of the materials used, produces an endless variety of bread every day. We find the classic rosette or more elaborate bread including the sfilatini with olives, walnuts, speck or zucchini.The types of bread are produced in different formats to meet every need. The production is also enriched by a large variety of wholemeal bread, multigrain bread and without yeast.
    This bakery in Como offers thirty types of pizza to satisfy even the most demanding palates. In addition to pizzas made in different formats and different doughs, you can also find a varied range of focaccia. Such as the classic focaccia, focaccia with olives or onions. And finally the mignon focaccine. In addition, savory pies are made of all tastes and their specialty, Spanata, a naturally leavened focaccia, to be filled according to one’s taste.
    Panificio Beretta is also dedicated to the production of fresh pasta from gnocchi of various flavors and different fillings, to the typical Mantuan ravioli of meat, herbs, basil, ricotta and spinach, artichokes and finally potatoes and leeks. Thanks to this fresh pasta, it will take a few minutes of cooking to savor its goodness.
    The confectioners of this bakery produce every day brioches, cakes and many other delicacies including milk and tea biscuits made according to traditional recipes of baking cookies, cat tongues with meringues and chantilly drops. In addition to cakes, confectioners also make different types of desserts, from traditional tarts to muffins and from chocolate cakes to tortile to apples.

    This product has been the queen of Beretta stores for years, ideal at any time of the day, for breakfast, snacks or after dinner, a pleasure to be enjoyed for both adults and children. A product characterized by the sweetness and softness of leavened dough, enriched with tufts of jam to delight even the finest palates. In addition to the traditional Nuvola pastry I also propose other delicious variations to Chocolate, cream and marron glacé.


    Beretta Bakery Como is characterized by competence and kindness. These are the qualities that underlie their service. In fact, they also meet the most difficult requests. To know that it is possible to request a catering service. It provides a great variety of products for birthday parties, events organized by individuals and companies. For this service it is possible to request the whole range of bakery products. For the catering service, delivery is also offered as well as a waiter service.




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