Alta Val Formazza, Formazza 28863, Verbano Cusio Ossola

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RIFUGIO 3A is located on the glacier Siedel, in magnificent Alta Val Formazza full of sun, scents of flowers and vast snowfields, in province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, meeting point for lovers of high mountains and skiing where they can find three exciting tracks. To reach Rifugio 3A: arrived in VaI Formazza and exceeded località Ponte, continue by car along the Cascata del Toce, until you reach the car park at lake Morasco, then climb on foot to the driveway to at Alpe Bettelmatt where the path that leads to the plain of Chamois to cross going up an easy road for a few minutes until the base of the glacier Siedel.

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Rifugio 3A is located in a splendid panoramic position, excellent base for hikers where they can easily get to other shelters in the valley (Claudio e Bruno, Città di Busto, Mores) or climb to the summit Blindenhorn.

3A Refuge was inaugurated in 1979 by volunteers of the Associazione Don Bosco 3A Onlus . One of the best known Italian shelters .

Rifugio 3A is so called because three volunteer organization dedicated GMO: Anna, Attilio ed Alessandro, He died in a car accident.

Rifugio 3A can accommodate up to 90 guests, with large living room for gatherings, meetings, events and watching movies, with the ability to eat and sleep in different rooms such as bedrooms for families or in dormitories designed for larger groups. All rooms are heated and with facilities equipped with running water with the possibility of hot shower.

In Rifugio 3A are organized weeks of skiing, mountaineering, trekking and mineralogy, allowing them to live experiences and emotions to 360 degrees with the mountains and nature.

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Alta Val Formazza, Formazza 28863, Verbano Cusio Ossola
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