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Biella is situated at the foot of the Biella Alps at an altitude of 420 meters above the sea level. And it is distant 72 km from Turin, 86 from Aosta, 100 and 115 from Milan to Lugano. The climate of Biella is the classic atmosphere of the foothills of the Alps. In winter the temperature often drops below freezing, with frequent snowfalls and frosts. Spring and autumn are the most predominantly rainy. Summer is hot and often humid temperatures and sometimes there's even exceed 30°C. Often this season there are storms.

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    RISO GUERRINI has been published in the province of Biella, and has been realized with a long history in the cultivation of rice. A company that combines tradition and innovation in the production of rice. Rice is grown, processed, packaged and sold on the place of origin, without intermediaries. Riso Guerrini:a company that stands out […]