Massa Carrara

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Massa is a town in north-western Tuscany, at 65 meters above sea level to about 5 km from the sea (Tyrrhenian Sea). The city is dominated by a hill on top of which there is the Malaspina castle which dominates the surrounding plain. The climate in this area is mild and does not have high peaks of hot in summer and cold in winter, the dominant climate is classified sub-Mediterranean, is influenced by Atlantic influences and generally characterized by mild winters, thanks to the mitigating effect of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the sirocco from Africa. Summers are very hot with averages of 28°C in July.

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    MADRE NATURA is located in Via Colombo in Marina Di Massa in the province of Massa and Carrara, it is an organic shop where you can find many natural food such as organic products, products for vegans and gluten-free products such as pasta, bread and snacks, also you can find products for diet and macrobiotic. […]