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Rimini is located in a flat area at nearly the same level of the sea on the Adriatic coast. The coast looks like a very large beach, whose waters are very low and therefore particularly suitable for bathing even the less experienced . Rimini has a climate of transition between the Mediterranean and the mainland of the Po Valley. It 's definitely a windy area due to the confluence of different currents. In summer, with the prevalence of sunny days, the ventilation is often in the form of sea breeze also very often pleasant. In winter, the same winds coming from the sea may become cold and impetuous.

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    PASTIFICIO CEMA is located in via Santa Maria 856 at San Giovanni in Marignano in province of Rimini. Young company founded in 2000, driven by the passion of fresh pasta, transformed into a profession with time. At Pastificio Cema work the dough by hand as usual as it was once, choosing a job definitely harder work, but much […]