It’s hard to distinguish the tourist in the strict sense of what business travelers in the Lombardy region of Italy being the most dynamic and busy.

Tourism in Lombardy is one of the primary activities, but thanks to the presence of diverse natural beauty such as lakes and mountains and cities of art fails to attract a significant number of people each year.

Lombardy ranks first in Italy for the population, according to density and fourth area and is the region with the highest number of provinces and municipalities.

Some of the products of Lombardia:

♣ Bitto     ♣  Formai de mut     ♣ Gorgonzola      ♣ Grana di Lodi     ♣ Mascarpone     ♣ Pannerone     ♣ Quartirolo lombardo     ♣ Robiola     ♣ Taleggio     ♣ Stracchino     ♣ Bresaola     ♣ Cacciatorini     ♣ Coppa mantovana     ♣ Cotechino     ♣ Mortadella di fegato     ♣ Salame d’oca

Typical dishes of Lombardia:

♣ Bigoli     ♣ Casonsei     ♣ Marubini     ♣ Pizzoccheri     ♣ Risotto alla milanese     ♣ Risotto con le rane     ♣ Risotto al pesce persico     ♣ Cassoeula     ♣ Cotoletta alla milanese     ♣ Ossobuco alla milanese     ♣ Polenta taragna     ♣ Lavarello al vino bianco     ♣ Chiacchiere     ♣ Panettone

Lombardia is full of wine, we list the main ones:


Oltrepò Pavese

Valtellina Superiore

Sforzato di Valtellina

Moscato di Scanzo




Capriano del Colle



Colli Morenici Mantovani del Garda


Garda Colli Mantovani

Lambrusco Mantovano


Garda Bresciano

San Colombano al Lambro

San Martino della Battaglia


Terre del Colleoni


Valtellina Rosso



Lombardia is definitely the capital of Italian craft beer, or at least the area where he was born the love for this drink made with criteria and not on an industrial scale. The rebirth of Italian craft beer seems to be captained by Lombardia with 43 small businesses in business.

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