Mission Italy EAT food – The Portal of Typical Italian Products – born from the idea of a skilled entrepreneur known for having brought many Italian companies to success. We are a group of people who still believe in strength and cooperation between companies. The purpose of the project is to enhance and increase the small and multiple Italian companies that produce typical Italian products.

We have seen farmers who leave their apples on plants to rot, because the selling price was so low that the cost of harvesting was higher. As a result, open the doors to other countries with the entry of the same products. We have seen farmers throw away Italian milk and then have the alternative of using milk powder to make cheese. And we could go on doing dozens of examples.

And finally, we have seen counterfeiting Made in Italy food and spread it all over the world, losing the value of our land, our traditions and the care that our producers have always put to obtain unique products. Products impossible to compare with others. There are many ingredients that have created our food culture, including air, water and sun.



Our task is to get results to those who want to make their product known. However, all our efforts are directed to make known to the whole world producers, breeders, etc. Our team works in a persistent way to develop ideas and solutions for this to happen.

The portal can be consulted by regions, by provincial capitals and by product categories. We have included more than 1,400 food product categories, most of which are on the first page of the most important search engines.