Piedmont oil direct sale

vendita_diretta_olio_piemonte_italyeatfoodThe Piedmont oil direct sale takes place exclusively in the Piedmont oil mills and at the Piedmont oil producers. The production of oil in this region is not very high, in fact it mainly focuses on the south of Piedmont near the neighboring Liguria. Many of the Piedmont oil mills are responsible for selecting the best olive cultivars in Italy and from these to produce blends of excellent oils. In this section we will deal with both the Piedmont oil producers and the Piedmont oil sale.


The direct sale of Piedmont oil takes place personally in the Piedmont oil mills to buy oil. A sale without steps or intermediation. Now this sale is also possible online on this site. The online sale Piedmont oil found on the sites of the Piedmont oil mills or the Piedmont oil producers is the same thing because it implies no transit or intermediation. But the online Piedmont oil sale that you find on other sites is very different. It is different because they ask for percentages on mediation and this cost falls on both the Piedmont oil producers or the Piedmont oil mills and on the consumers. With our online sale Piedmont oil here called Piedmont oil direct sale there are no intermediaries.

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    OLIO DESIDERIO: its market has become extensive, so much so that it has crossed the borders of Piedmont and Italy attesting itself not only in international catering, but also in the gastronomic centers intended for Made in Italy specialties. The company has its roots in Ricca d’Alba. And it is here that all the goodness […]