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AZIENDA AGRICOLA BIOLOGICA LA GHIANDAIA SIENA born in the 90s in an unspoilt area of rolling hills in the province of Siena. In the municipality of Chiusdino. One of the farms in Tuscany situated in the Val di Merse, priceless historical and natural paradise.

azienda agricola biologica la ghiandaia siena


Azienda Agricola Biologica la Ghiandaia Siena covers approximately 35 hectares in part represented by arable land, partly by coppice. In the cultivation of land has always observes the rotational planes, alternating cereals, pulses, oilseeds multiannual and forage.

All products are grown and processed with the utmost respect of the environment, with a view to preserving it for the welfare of future generations. For this reason, over the years, the company has favored native varieties, not only to enhance local cultures and cultures, but certain that this choice is for the benefit of all, both for today and for tomorrow.

In the belief that eating BIO help people to live better, La Ghiandaia was one of the first organic farms in the province of Siena and since its inception has always been known for the excellent quality of its products: cereals, pulses, baked goods, pasta and honey.

From the cultivation of the earth originate cereals (dicoccum spelled, millet, buckwheat, barley, oats) and typical Tuscan legumes (tiny chickpeas, lentils small variegated), which are then transformed and combined to enrich the offer. The combination of cereal yields an multicereale (3 Cereals) consists of oats, spelled and barley, which lends itself to the preparation of hot and cold dishes, such as soups and summer salads. By the combination of cereals and pulses, however, it is born a soup of millet and lentils peeled easy and fast, but very tasty.

The company with spelled flour produces excellent baked goods sweet and savory food, including crackers in six different taste varieties (natural barley, thyme, rosemary, poppy seeds, sesame, tomato-oregano) without yeast products; toc (a kind of sticks very crumbly) and eight different varieties of biscuits (natural barley, lemon, orange, chocolate, hazelnut, almond-anise, ginger-cinnamon, coconut) without eggs and dairy products, in order to meet the needs of intolerant to these foods, as well as to those of vegans. With spelled flour true whole wheat pasta is also produced that retains all of the organoleptic properties of the whole grain (including seed) and is presented in different formats (penne, mezzemaniche, Strozzapreti).


• Azienda Agricola Biologica la Ghiandaia Siena: The products made from spelled flour • 

Pearl barley

Cereals with similar characteristics to those of decorted barley, although slightly attenuated by higher refining, making it more practical in preparation, requiring only 20 minutes of cooking. g. 500 cad.


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Pearl spelled

Cereals with excellent nutritional properties, though slightly inferior to those of decorticated dicoccum spelled. More practical than this, it cooks in just 20 minutes and does not require soaking; He lends itself to his own preparations. g. 500 cad.


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Small chickpeas

Small size Tuscan legumes with very thin skin, compact pulp and great flavor. Useful potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, but also zinc and copper. They have a good content of essential amino acids and vitamins A, B, C and E. gr. 500 cad.


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3 cereals

It is an excellent tris of cereals born from the combination of decorted oats, pearled dicoccum beetroot and pearl barley (about 33% of each product), combining their characteristics in a single dish of unique taste. g. 500 cad.


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