Lambrusco di Sorbara direct sale

LAMBRUSCO_OF_SORBARA_PRODUCERS_italy_eat_foodAlso at Lambrusco di Sorbara direct sale we dedicate this section as we did for direct sale Lambrusco Grasparossa. This direct sale certainly has many similarities with the Sorbara Lambrusco online sale. This wine is typical of the province of Modena where through Lambrusco Sorbara producers is produced. A red wine, scented with fruity notes, is in the firm or sparkling version.


Many Lambrusco di Sorbara producers offer direct sales by directly selling their cellars to buy Lambrusco. This sale with the advent of the internet has become direct sale Lambrusco di Sorbara, that is the same sale: producer - consumer without brokering but online comfortably from his own home. Sorbara Lambrusco online sale is the same as direct selling if this sale is from the manufacturer's site. On the other hand, if online sale takes place through other sites, the thing changes. Many ecommerce sites apply up to 50% of the cost as brokering. This cost affects both the manufacturer and the consumer. With this Lambrusco Sorbara direct sale this does not happen.

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    CANTINA DIVINJA is located in Sorbara in the province of Modena, an old farm that dates back to the beginning of 1900 owned by the Barbanti family. Our traditions have been handed down from generation to generation, correct and carefully adapted over the years, in order to improve the product and to keep up to […]