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FRUIT DU SOLEIL represents the brand of farm of Mauro Ferrari, located in Via Don Agostino Grandi in Ducentola Voghiera, in the province of Ferrara. A company that deals with obtaining quality agricultural products, guaranteed by a cultivation method that reduces the chemicals as provided by the integrated production technique and prefers the use of renewable energy sources to a greater respect for the environment.

fruit du soleil ducentola voghiera ferrara logo– Tradition and Experience –

In wide areas of the Po Valley, in a fruitful citizen, it was born Fruit Du Soleil, the brand of a farm that is a product of excellence, gained experience of more than three generations of fruit growers, specialized in the cultivation of fruit with ‘goal of preserving the pleasure of the taste of the local tradition.

One of the farms of Ferrara, family-run, which is dedicated to the production, processing and marketing of typical fruits of these territories such as apples, peaches and pears, including the pear Abate, a product IGP Emilia Romagna.

These products originate entirely from agricultural soils of the company. from these fruits it is subsequently produced fruit juices and jams. Well this phase takes place entirely within the farm Fruit Du Soleil thus ensuring a wholly Italian production chain up to the final consumer. This has meant that Fruit Du Soleil became one of the most prestigious Italian manufacturers juices on our territory.

This company employs qualified staff, which places a strong focus on product care. For this reason, each type of processing is done manually so as to preserve the naturalness that characterizes the time of harvest.

fruit_du_soleil_ducentola_voghiera_ferrara_azienda_agricola_ferrari_mauro_certificazione_global_gapThe products at Fruit Du Soleil brand are also guaranteed worldwide through a comprehensive certification, Global Gap, also the consumer, through traceability can trace the origin of origin of each product. The Global Gap protocol defines all the good farming practices relating to the essential elements for the development of better technique. This certification is a guarantee instrument for the final consumer but also for the whole of the production chain.



    The farm of Mauro Ferrari always under the Fruit Du Soleil commercial brand of nectarine variety Stark Redgold.

    A large nectarine, round shape and smooth. A peach with a peel of an intense yellow color with large areas of bright red. The pulp of this fruit is yellow, sweet sour and very consistent. This variety of fishing is collected from the first ten days of August and is marketed in a couple of months after the harvest.

    Fruit Du Soleil presents customers pears IGP Emilia Romagna in different varieties for different qualities.

    A round fruit, from the uniform color, is divided into two different varieties, Wiliam Wiliam Black and Red. This type of pear has a very thin skin, a juicy and refreshing which makes it excellent for preparing syrup or juice. The most widely grown variety of pear in Italy, is collected by the first decade of August, and is marketed by the end of autumn.

    A pear almost round in shape, with a yellow-green color with red accents dictated by greater exposure to the sun. A fruit with a very sweet and compact pulp for which is suitable for the preparation of juices or jams. This variety of pear is harvested in mid September and commercializes until February or March the following year.

    The variety of pear specialties of Emilia Romagna area. A pear from large with elongated neck and the base very pulpy. A fruit wrapped in a yellow and rough skin, for the characteristics of the territory tends to be partly rusty. The pulp of this type of pear is tasty, refreshing and very soft. These pears are harvested from early September and are marketed until April of the following year.

    A pear-shaped fruit that has a brown color and a very homogeneous rusty peel. The flesh of these pears is juicy, firm and slightly grainy, sweet-sour taste and aroma. The collection of this pear is from the first ten days of September and commercializes until February.

    A medium-sized pear, pear-shaped and with a particularly long thin stalk. It has a yellow-green skin and substantially rusty, a sweet and juicy flesh off-white. These pears are harvested from mid-August and are marketed through May.

    A round pear large size, has a thick skin that is to be eaten cooked Popularity great. The pulp of these pears is characterized by a pronounced graininess, typical of this variety. This type of pears are harvested in early October and markets until May.

    A pear of medium size, with smooth skin of green-yellow color, with red blush areas. It comes with a white flesh, juicy and sweet. This pear varieties is collected in the third decade of July and is marketed until October.

    A pear elongated and yellow-red color. A fruit which comes with a white flesh, firm and sweet. These pears are harvested in mid-July and are marketed until October.

    The farm by Fruit Du Soleil brand also markets four different varieties of apples, all of high quality and unique characteristics.

    A round fruit of pinkish color. An apple crunchy and firm flesh, rich in fructose and sweet flavor. This variety of apple is harvested from early October and markets until May or June of the following year.

    A round apple which shows a golden yellow color, slightly rusty. It presents a crisp and firm flesh, sweet taste. This type of apples is collected in the first ten days of September and commercializes until February.

    An apple that has a peel of an intense green color and a white, crunchy flesh, rich in magnesium. A poor fruit sugar that is commonly associated with fruit for diabetics. These apples are harvested in early October and marketed until June or July of the following year.

    A fruit from the frusto-conical shape that has lenticels rusty on the yellow-red peel. An apple with a cream-colored pulp, juicy and of medium consistency, whose flavor is sweet and aromatic. This apple variety is harvested in the first ten days of August and commercialized until January or February.




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