Marche cheese factories

caseifici_marche_italy_eat_foodMany of the Marche cheese factories are family-run as by tradition. It is a region with poor traditions and from here it was born the need for a family production of dairy products. Marche cheeses is a cheese made from milk from cows, sheep and goats. Among the typical cheeses produced in these dairies of Marches we find the king of their cheeses: the pecorino marchigiano. This cheese is characterized by its strong and spicy flavor. Pecorino delle Marche is a cheese that, thanks to its refinement, is seasoned in different ways and in this way acquires different flavors and scents. Other cheeses produced in cheese factories Marche we find the Fossa Cheese. The particularity of this cheese is that it has been stagnant in rocks excavated in the rock and is produced with sheep's milk. This tide was once used mainly for the storage of lime in these pits for more than three months. Other typical Marche cheeses are produced in these dairies are the caciotta of Urbino DOP, truffle cheese and drunk cheese. The latter is obtained by adding to the dough of grapes vinacce.

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    LE AFFINITA’ GUSTATIVE is located in Via Rossini in Mondavio, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, in one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Le Affinita’ Gustative is a small maturing plant and refinement of pecorino cheese offering products with the flavors and fragrances truly unique in its kind. One of the most renowned Italian […]